Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Come Visit and Enjoy the beautiful spots found only in Gattaran.

Gattaran is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cagayan, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 50,269 people in 9,376 households.

[edit] Barangays

Gattaran is politically subdivided into 50 barangays.

  • Abra
  • Aguiguican
  • Bangatan Ngagan
  • Baracaoit
  • Baraoidan
  • Barbarit
  • Basao
  • Bolos Point
  • Cabayu
  • Calaoagan Bassit
  • Calaoagan Dackel
  • Capiddigan
  • Capissayan Norte
  • Capissayan Sur
  • Casicallan Sur
  • Casicallan Norte
  • Centro Norte (Pob.)
  • Centro Sur (Pob.)
  • Cullit
  • Cumao
  • Cunig
  • Dummun
  • Fugu
  • Ganzano
  • Guising
  • Langgan
  • Lapogan
  • L. Adviento
  • Mabuno
  • Nabaccayan
  • Naddungan
  • Nagatutuan
  • Nassiping
  • Newagac
  • Palagao Norte
  • Palagao Sur
  • Piña Este
  • Piña Weste
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Maria
  • Sidem
  • Santa Ana
  • Tagumay
  • Takiki
  • Taligan
  • Tanglagan
  • T. Elizaga (Mabirbira)
  • Tubungan Este
  • Tubungan Weste
  • San Carlos

This picture was taken in Centro Gattaran, this is the
municipality of Gattaran. is a 1st class in the province of cagayan.

Here is the church of Gattaran a Catholic Church, located at Centro Gattaran, Cagayan. The church was devotable. Fr. Dela Cruz was the priest of the church. Inside of the church was beautiful and organize. they have choir and every sunday they held a two masses the first mass and second mass.

This picture is the market of Centro Gattaran, Cagayan..
This picture was the Castle in the Sky built with brickstone. The castle was owned by Mr. Herman Agatep Whose from Gattaran . Castle in the sky is the best past time if you want to enjoy with your families, friends, and love one. it has a restaurant they serve filipino foods and a special pancit. if you want to sing they have videoke and also hard drinfks. they have sculptured antiques, a botanical garden different flowers. they also have a playground for the children. they make castle in the sky more different and attractive so that many people visit and enjoy the Castle and also someday for the tourist.

this picture is Located at Basao, Gattaran, Cagayan. This is the place where you'll enjoy picnic with your families, relatives and friends. You'll also enjoy swimming here.. It has a falls the water was very clean and it has also a stone. Every summer there's many people who spend time to picnic or even semana. the burayok was beautiful and enjoyable place.